The Secret Way To Beat Your Competition At Building Links

When you've come to this website, chances are you either
a) are a SEO tasked with improving traffic to a client's website
b) or you have a business yourself and want to increase traffic to it

If you are not interested in getting more traffic to your website, I am very sorry, but there is nothing I can offer to you.

But to get more people to your website, you have to beat your competition. You have to get more and better links to your website to get people to click on them - and to make Google like you more then your competition.

Building Links Is Hard Work

I know! Cold emailing website owners and convincing them to give you a link sucks. You end up writing dozens of emails for a single reply. And at the end of the month, you have to drag yourself in front of your client (or boss) and tell her that you didn't build a single link last month.

Use Your Competitor's Work Against Them

Imagine for a moment, that you could leverage the work your competitors have done. Imagine, that you could use their work as a weapon against them and finally outrank them on Google.

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