Experience What LinksSpy.com Can Do For You

You're probably asking yourself what kind of data LinksSpy provides, so here's a number of case studies.

Explore these case studies and learn how easy it has become to build meaningful links with LinksSpy

UK Storage Company

The UK Storage Company is a provider of residential storage as well as office space in the United Kingdom. Their case study involves 26 competitors and brought back well over 500 suggestions.

This case study highlights the fact that you can get great results, even for highly-localized niches.

All you need is a good list of competitors and you'll have enough opportunities to build links for months.


ExpeditedSSL is the fastest & easiest way to setup SSL on Heroku. If that doesn't get you all excited, don't worry. It's a product for developers. With 14 competitors we found about 250 suggestions.


TerminRetter is a B2B product for the German market. It provides appointment reminder calls for dentists and doctors. With just 7 competitors we found over 450 suggestions.

Maybe you are doing SEO/link building for international clients and their websites are not in English. So you might wonder whether LinksSpy works for non-English languages. Well: It sure does. Take a look at the fantastic suggestions and see for yourself which great opportunities LinksSpy discovers for you.